Business Overview

GENSYSTECH Company Limited (GST) founded in late 2016 as a Trader and Importer of Diesel Power Generator, Fire Protection Systems and Thermal Insulation products. We have developed our business to various industries i.e. Power Generation, Buildings & Constructions, Interior Design, Marine & Offshore and Aviation.

For Power Generation industry, our core business, we have in house experienced engineers with Mechanical & Electrical engineering background together with groups of skilled manpower who have been in this field for more than 35 years so we can design and provide clients the total solution plus full range of services i.e. Repair & Maintenance, Generator Load test, Commissioning and also related technology works which included fuel systems, control, air handling, filtration, emission solutions, insulation and Sound Proof Systems at the highest level of quality and safety.

For building and construction business, GST could supply the Fire Protection Systems (both active and passive scope) and Thermal Insulation products plus services for Buildings, Constructions and Structures which are included various applications i.e. Kitchen extract duct, Pressurization & Ventilation duct, Kitchen access doors, cable tray, steel pipe penetrations, infill for fire doors and etc. Our serve could extend to the Industrial section as we are also have the products and systems for various industrial duct type i.e. Boiler duct.



Design, Sell and Services
Sound Protection System
Fire Proof System
(For Diesel Engine Generator and Building & Construction)
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